Our Opening Hours Are Monday - Friday 9:30am - 4.00pm. You can reach us on 07966 032 268
The service has been set up to support clients with the personal development during times when they are not in college, work placements or community provision. It is our aim to work with education establishments, families and carers to help further develop established skills.

Through a range of practical activities and social inclusion we aim to ensure the client has the opportunity to explore their own potential.

By providing core activities we will endeavour to provide clients with the tools to experience new possibilities and opportunities whilst building on their personal strengths and helping to develop new skills. Although principal activities are offered, the client will have the autonomy to make choices about activities that they would like to try and take part in and time will be spent listening to the client. We believe it is important to find out what they have done, what they are currently doing and what they would like to do in the future. By building on past experiences the client will relate their activity choices to their current interests.

By introducing clients to new experiences with us, we will assist them in adapting to change. They will be encouraged to be proactive at all times and supported to self-assess their development. This will help them to recognise their individual and team achievements and identify areas for further development.

The principle values of the service are:

Social interaction and networking
By enabling the client to get to know people from different groups social interaction will be increased and existing friendships maintained whilst new ones are forged.

We will endeavour to listen to the client and speak up for them when they want this. Development of self-advocacy skills will be encouraged.

We will encourage and support the client to make a positive contribution to the community and to take their place in society.

The principle purposes of the service are to support the client to:

> Identify who they are and which route they want to follow
> Experience new possibilities and opportunities
> Build on individual strengths and develop new skills
> Adapt to change
> Be proactive and become more independent
> Manage own behaviour and emotions

What We Have To Offer...

To ensure that individuals have a choice and are involved in fulfilling activities,
the core day sessions can include...

Meet The Team
Meet the team
With more than 25 years of experience & expertise in working with vulnerable people with learning difficulties & disabilities.
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Client Development Overview
Client Development Overview
We offer assistance with enhancing personal development, functional skills, independent living skills & vocational/work skills.
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To ensure that individuals have a choice & are involved in fulfilling activities, the core day sessions will be limited to 15 clients per day.
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