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The client development plan provides an overview of activities and their purpose and brings together all core activities showing how each task will allow individuals to grow and develop.

The development plan links each skill base through a variety of practical activities and helps clients and staff to focus on strengths and weaknesses. Additional support can then be put into place, where appropriate. The plan also creates routes between everyday life and work skills and clients are also encouraged to select activities which will also benefit their health and wellbeing.

Through identified needs, clients will be able to select activities, which will allow continued development and maintenance of skills.

Personal Development

Clients will be involved in project work and activities, which will help them to identify personal skills already encountered and which they wish to further expand and develop. This area will allow for individuals to increase social communication in a variety of environments and sample new experiences.

Clients will be encouraged to develop self-awareness, rights & responsibilities and respect for others. Creativity, sports, ICT, cooking, gardening & mini enterprise projects will further support self-development. Fine & gross motor skills will be maintained or developed through all activities.

Independent Living Skills

Clients will engage in leisure activities, which will support them to make decisions and have their say regarding life style choices. Activities will allow preparation in looking after the home and making snacks for lunch. Organisational skills will continue to be developed through these activities. Travel within the community and going places will allow individual progress when developing personal safety when out and about. Focus on personal hygiene & healthy lifestyles will allow clients to identify individual needs and develop personal routines.

Sensory stimulation will be offered where necessary allowing individuals without verbal communication to interact or make choices. Throughout, all activities will allow autonomy and experiences will encourage growth when dealing with day to day problems or non-routine situations.

Functional Skills

Shopping activities will encourage the understanding of what money is used for and also to develop basic budgeting skills. Domestic activities will enhance early mathematics. Events and activities will provide opportunities showing the need for time management as part of essential life style planning. Research and investigation activities will support trips and visits. Recording of information will be carried out in a variety of ways which, are most relevant to each individual.

Reading, writing, signing and the use of ICT will be used where appropriate, otherwise photographs will be used to record achievements. All clients will have a 'Personal Activity Log'. Social interaction & group work will develop communication and support clients to resolve conflict/risks or simply to make their own decisions.

Vocational / Work Skills

Through voluntary experiences, projects, events, mini-enterprise schemes and vocational activities clients will develop and increase community participation and awareness of others. This area will allow students to sample work opportunities whilst making a positive contribution to society. Recognition of health & safety will be explored during all activities.

Exploration of fund raising events, domestic gardening, household decorating & creativity will allow options for decision making, recognition of others needs and also provide links to the workplace when used in other contexts. Individual interests will be explored allowing personal development.

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To ensure that individuals have a choice and are involved in fulfilling activities,
the core day sessions can include...

About The Pavilion Project
About The Pavilion Project
We aim to offer a quality, individualised service in & around the Trafford, South Manchester & Cheshire areas.
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Meet The Team
Meet the team
With more than 25 years of experience & expertise in working with vulnerable people with learning difficulties & disabilities.
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To ensure that everyone has a choice & is involved in a fulfilling activity the core day sessions will be limited to 15 clients per day.
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