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We offer a wide selection of activities to ensure that individuals have a choice and are involved in a fulfilling activity.

Clients will be encouraged to suggest alternative realistic activities and opportunities.

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Design, sewing, knitting and other crafts using materials and textile products – seasonal crafts for personal gifts or for stock to support mini enterprise schemes. Organisational & research skills would be used to investigate the potential of selling products via markets or craft events.

Preparing snacks for lunch – skills would include making choices, basic budgeting, shopping, using money, weighing & measuring, portion control, health & safety/hygiene and clearing away. Awareness of the need for domestic & household tasks would be increased.

Healthy Lifestyles
Clients would be made aware of healthy eating and encourage to take part in a healthy walk after lunch.

Sports & Fitness
Indoor and outdoor games will be offered. Those individual clients who express interest in watching or taking part in a sport will be supported where possible.

The Wii Fit is available to enhance special awareness of balance, fine & gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, dance and overall fitness. This activity may also encourage 'working together, working alone, taking turns and sharing'.

There will be opportunities to take part in domestic gardening where plants and vegetables would be selected for growth and used to make snacks or for gifts. This area would also allow additional products to be cultivated to compliment any mini enterprise activities.

ICT (Information & Computer Techonology)
Research, design and communication are accessible via the internet. Clients would be supported to access the web and safe use of programmes or social networking sites would be encouraged and monitored.

Enterprise Schemes
Clients will be able to share ideas, work with a group and develop communication, basic cash flow, marketing, design, organisational and retail skills. Monies made from these schemes will support sustainability of materials for future projects and to provide a small income for the client group.

Voluntary Work
Clients will be encouraged to explore opportunities which will help them to access the work place. They will build an awareness of other people's needs through fund raising or volunteer work, whilst making a positive contribution to the local community.

Meet The Team
Meet the team
With more than 25 years of experience & expertise in working with vulnerable people with learning difficulties & disabilities.
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Client Development Overview
Client Development Overview
We offer assistance with enhancing personal development, functional skills, independent living skills & vocational/work skills.
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To ensure that everyone has a choice & is involved in a fulfilling activity the core day sessions will be limited to 15 clients per day.
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