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In order to provide a professional support service and meet statutory requirements, it is necessary to collect and record information about service users and their family background. Any personal data that is handled will be processed in accordance with all applicable data protection laws in force. Currently, guidance is taken from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - 2018).

This privacy notice informs you about:

The type of information that is collected, held and shared includes:

This information is collected for the following purposes:

The lawful basis on which I use this information:

Information is collected and used on the basis of legal obligation, in order to meet statutory requirements as a provider, and for the legitimate interests of everyone associated with the service. Special category data will be processed (for example details about ethnicity, religion, cultural preferences, diet or health) where explicit consent has been given for the purposes of meeting individual needs and care preferences.

Collecting Information

Whilst the majority of information collected is mandatory in order for me to meet the statutory requirements of a provider (Health and Social Care Standards), some of it may be provided on a voluntary basis. In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, you will be informed whether you are required to provide certain information or if you have a choice in this. In all circumstances, any information requested is always for the purposes of delivering high quality care, support and improving outcomes for each service user.

Data Collection and Storage Methods

The following methods are used to collect information and ensure it is stored securely:

The setting is also secured with an intruder alarm.

Retention Period – How long is data stored for?

Information that had been collected about service users and their families will be retained until it is no longer required as evidence for HMRC or for insurance purposes. In the majority of circumstances this will be no longer than 3 years after the person has left the setting, however to comply with insurance requirements, any information relating to safeguarding and welfare must be retained until the local authority, police or other professional have conducted and completed their investigation and when we are instructed to dispose of the information.

When a service moves on from the service, normal procedures will include providing families with any additional material, for example photographs and artwork. With permission from parents, any learning and development information can be forwarded on to the individual’s future care setting / college to help support transition.

Any information that is not passed on to parents or forwarded to a future setting and is no longer required will be destroyed. Paper documents will be shredded and any digital information will be securely deleted.

Sharing Information with parents and carers

I will share information with parents (and any other named individuals parents have included on a signed Multiple Contact Information Sharing Form) via the following methods:

If there are any methods of communication you would prefer not to be used, these can be discussed with the manger or team leaders.

Sharing Information with others

Any information given, either verbally or in writing, regarding a service user and their family will be treated as private and confidential, however certain situations may require me (or my staff / assistants) to share details with others. These situations include:

Where information about a service user is to be shared with others, parents/carers/service user will be asked to sign a Data Sharing Agreement ensuring that everyone fully understands who information is being shared with and the reasons for this. Only in exceptional circumstances, for example in an emergency situation or where there are safeguarding concerns, will information be shared without consent in order to inform the emergency services, alert the local safeguarding team or notify the police.

Displaying and Publishing Information

In order to share individual’s experiences and achievements with families or carers, photographs of service users taking part in activities and examples of their artwork and achievements in my setting. Photographs will be used to share news about individuals in newsletters, on the business website and Facebook page or information / welcome booklets which may be viewed by existing, previous and prospective service users. Consent for this will be sought and your wishes will be respected if it is preferred any images or material specifically relating to an individual will not to be included.

Requesting Access to Data

Under data protection legislation, service users and their families have the right to request access to information that is held. To make a request for personal information, or if access is required to records and learning and development information, please do not hesitate to ask the manager in person or via email or telephone to make a request.

Service users and families also have the right to:

If you have a concern about the way personal data is collected, it is requested that concerns are raised with the manager in the first instance so that the situation can be resolved. Alternatively, you can contact the learning disability team or Data Protection Regulators.

Changes to Privacy Notice

This privacy notice will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to reflect any changes to data collection or processing methods.

If there is anything in this privacy notice you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the manager.

Privacy and Dignity

At The Pavilion Project it is the policy to provide services which maintain the privacy and dignity of its clients. The aim is to provide services in the least intrusive way. All facilitators or Pavilion Project representative must remain sensitive to this fact and whilst the client attends the service they must be awarded the right to work and learn as any other individual would expect.

This includes:

Staff to provide services which adhere to the values set out in EVERY LEARNER MATTERS and VALUING PEOPLE PAPERS.


During personal care routines ensure that everything possible is done to maintain your client’s dignity e.g. Advise and discuss with your client, what you are intending to do, what the client can do themselves and how you will both proceed.

Ensure all parts of the body are kept warm and shielded from view by using such items as: towels or clothing.

If bathing or showering is needed encourage the client to do as much as possible for themselves which may only require you to assist or enable them to get in and out of the bath/shower or being on hand if you are called when needed. This also applies to toileting or incontinence.

Always knock on the door and ask permission to enter (this courtesy must be afforded to any room in The Pavilion.

A person’s right to privacy and dignity goes beyond the realms of personal care, it encompasses all activities of daily living and those important to each individual.

Food is an important factor in all people’s lives not only because of its nutritional value but also as a way of increasing social inclusion. Planning and preparation of meals where possible should be a joint activity. Once the client has been supported to identify healthy options where possible they should take the lead role. It is sometimes easier to “to do for” rather than facilitate or enable to do. Encourage the client to do as much of an activity as possible.

Meal times may be the most sociable time a client spends in any one day and they should be encouraged to interact with their peers or visitors.

If a client prefers to eat alone and in privacy staff must respect this decision and time should be allowed so that they can enjoy the meal and receive the support needed.

Please refer to the Data Protection Policy.

Please refer to the Mobile Phone, Camera & Photography Policy.

Changes to Privacy Notice

This privacy notice will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to reflect any changes to data collection or processing methods.

If there is anything in this privacy notice you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the manager.

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